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The Mary Sue

"Gamerliness" - How Games Can Evolve By Looking Inward
The Mary Sue
One of my favorite Flash games, Achievement Unlocked, is a fantastic example of the first type ? using ?gamerliness? for the sake of parody. It's more fun to just let you play the game than for me to try to explain it, so here's the link. It's free ...


The PC market is reviving, and so is Intel
Tablets do have legitimate uses, but - as with badmouthing Flash - Apple and Jobs were fudging some truths and glossing over others. After all, how does one compete against free Flash games? Say the Flash runtime is slow and buggy and battery draininig ...

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4 Dragons Sudoku - Available for Mac now.
4 Dragons Sudoku (January 12th 2015) ? Ocean Media LLC, an Indie games development company, after months of aligning the numbers in a grid, proudly presents 4 Dragons Sudoku for Mac. Ocean Media continues to roll out line of "4 Dragons" games.

Android Headlines - Android News

Featured: Top 5 Best Sudoku Games for Android
Android Headlines - Android News
If you like puzzle games you've likely played Sudoku before. In the past you'd be stuck holding a Sudoku book or maybe you could find it in the puzzle section of the newspaper, but normally you'd have to take something with you specifically to enjoy a ...

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