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Flash game portal Newgrounds turns 20 years old today
I spent a ton of time (probably too much) in high school playing free Flash games on the site. I still remember playing through Pico's School, a point-and-click adventure about a school shooting. It hasn't exactly aged well (unless you count the more ...

Student creates Online Gaming and Development platform Plasis Games
The site has 30 from free flash game providers (with another 2500+ to process - not monetised) 30 from a HTML5 game development company - PlayCityInc (with 30 to process and more to source when needed - all monetised)?. ?The publishing platform/online ...

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Puzzles and Games
1) Delivery advice 5) Ty of the Baseball Hall of Fame 9) Group of female elephant seals 14) Populous continent 15) Common fertilizer compound 16) Nice school? 17) Three before "down" 20) Armistice 21) Red, white and blue inits. 22) Ago, long ago 23) ...


Six of the best free mobile games
Almost amusingly, Blendoku is basically Sudoku but without any numbers. There's something strangely soothing about matching different swatches of colour in the correct blending order. The game features 525 free levels ranging in difficulty from ?simple ...

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