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Steam Winter Sale 2014 Pick of the Day
It's that time of the year when any leftover money you've got after buying gifts, arranging holiday travel, and donating to worthwhile causes is going to go PC games. The Steam Winter sale is live, and we'll be updating this story every day with what ...

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Following the players: My journey from Flash to mobile
Over the last few years mobile devices have started moving people away from their PCs and this has seriously affected the Flash games market. Average games sponsorship and licensing fees have dropped and large Flash game portals have been forced ... My ...

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Sudoku Tournament by Jump or Fall is live with integrated real money tournaments
Sudoku Tournament is a slick mobile version of a popular game with nice graphics, user experience and a soothing relaxing soundtrack. In addition to classic gameplay, players can adjust difficulty, choose from a variety of available skins or even ...

Brain training The joy of puzzles
The Economist (blog)
The ability to complete a crossword, sudoku or puzzle is another trait that distinguishes them from most computer games (where there is nearly always another level to master) or indeed from life itself, where every day brings a new task. One cannot ...

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